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About us

Reedy River Baptist Church is one of the oldest church organizations in Greenville County. Although we have been established for many years, we are new and improved from the inside out. We believe that the church is not only an organization that promotes and provides for the welfare of its members, but we strive to make everyone important as we participate in the promotion of the Kingdom of God.


We are Kingdom focused as we seek to nurture and grow the people who attend our services. Yet we believe it is paramount to reach people in our community who are non-believers or non-churched. We seek to reach these people through lovingly meeting the needs of our neighbors and community. We are constantly seeking ways to engage the community through events that show our love and offer a helping hand.

If you are looking for a Biblical based congregation that worships God and seeks to love Him with all of our heart and if you are searching for a group of people who take that love to the world then give us a try. You will be welcomed with more love than you could ever imagine and we will make you feel right at home.

Our staff:
David Simmons

Senior Pastor

Coming Soon

Associate Pastor

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Peggy Simmons

Minister of Music

Coming Soon

Youth Minister

email address

Michelle Prince

Financial Secretary

Mae Edwards

Education/Outreach Secretary

Patricia Fisher


Andrea Riddle


Businesswomen Walking in Hallway

Deacons from left to right:

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