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4.2.20 Just Thinking

I don’t think my Mom will mind if I share this story with you about what happened yesterday. I have restricted Dad and Mom to the house. I told them they could ride in the van, but could not get out and go in any store. If they needed something to call me and I would get it for them. They have been great and I appreciate them understanding. Well yesterday Mom had a craving for a hotdog. She got a coupon from Hardees and her and Dad got in the van and drove to the drive-in at Hardees. As she pulled up to the drive thru, Mom said it was very evident that the lady taking the order was not in a good mood. She was very non-chalet about what she was doing and Mom said her voice was mopey sounding. Mom ordered her and Dad’s hotdogs, fries and a drink. Mom drove up and paid and instead of driving home they pulled into a parking spot and ate their hotdogs. Mom didn’t say, but I guess the lady’s attitude really hit Mom hard. Here she was working a public job, helping to feed people, and wasn’t very grateful or thankful to be able to be working. Mom knew the lady need a pick me up and some encouragement. So after Mom and Dad finished their lunch, Mom pulled back into the drive thru line. The same lady came on with her same sour attitude. “How can I help you would you like to try one or our…” Mom answered, “No ma’am. We just came thru and had one of your hot dog specials and it was very good. I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you working and feeding the public during these trying times and that we are praying for you and hope you have a great day.” Mom said she heard, “Uh, Uh, well, thank you.” And from the back she heard someone another lady shout, “Thank you, lady.”

Mom drove away smiling and laughing because it stunned the lady at the drive thru. When she told me yesterday we both had a chuckle. She also told me about a video doctor’s appointment that Dad had with his gastro doctor. After the appointment was about over Mom told the doctor, “Well we appreciate your time and we want you to know that we are praying for all of you in the medical field.” Mom said the doctor looked at the screen and stuttered, “Well thank you so much!” Then they hung up. Mom again chuckled at the very fact that these people seemed so stunned when people tell them they are praying for them. It is almost like they don’t expect it or even understand it. Mom is having a blast just lifting these people up in prayer and telling them about it.

These two incidents about my Mom have got me to Just Thinking! What a difference one small little jester can have in a person’s life. In a day and time when people without Jesus have no hope and are scared, Christians have the answer to the very heart of the matter. We are called to spread the light. We are called to share hope. We are called to be the encouragers of the world. Yet so often when the world looks at us they see no difference. Shame on us if we don’t take advantage of this perfect scenario where we can speak encouragement to those we see and come in contact with (of course from six feet away.)

How many of you have driven through drive ins and failed to share a smile or a word of encouragement? Are you telling the people thank you not only for your food, but for their willingness to work and serve the community? How many of us have told the stock person at the store we frequent thank you for doing their best at keeping the shelves stocked as best they can instead of complaining that the shelves are empty of something we need? How many of us are just trying to survive instead of thriving in this atmosphere of fear by holding on to the unchanging hand of Jesus who will see us through?

I am so grateful for my Mom. She not only taught me as a young boy about the love of Jesus and His word, but she continues to teach me today. Thanks Mom for not being afraid to stand up and show your appreciation of those who are helping us get through these trying times. Thanks for speaking up for the name of Jesus and praying for those who are on the front lines of this pandemic. Thank you that even though I have confined you to the house you are still working tirelessly to share God’s love through phone calls and care packages to those you love and care for.

You truly are living what Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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