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Daily Devotion 5.2.20

May, 2, 2020

Balloons Want Hurt You!

“Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.” Psalm 51:2

We are not sure when it happened. We have some theories, but we are not completely sure. When Caleb was a small child he was terrified of balloons. Where most children love balloons, Caleb was scarred. If either Peggy or I took Caleb to a birthday party for a friend, we either had to stay with him or bring him back home because of the balloons. Whenever Caleb would see a balloon, he would turn and say in the most unsure voice, “Balloons want hurt you, Mama, balloons want hurt you!” He would have terror on his face as you reassured him, “No honey, balloons want hurt you.” Yet he still would not go near a balloon.

I’m not sure when Caleb got over this fright, but he is not afraid of balloons anymore. On March 12, the governor told us we were in a “State of Emergency” because of the Coronavirus. We were basically told to fear this little bug because it had killed thousands in other countries. We were told to wash our hands, wear masks, stay at home, stay 6 feet apart, and not to gather in large gatherings. We were told to only go to the store for essentials and if your job wasn’t essential to not go to work. We have come to believe the problem in our world is a microscopic germ name COVID-19.

Well, I’m here to let you know that COVID-19 might kill the body, but it has no claims on the soul of the Believer. The problem we fight in this world is not this virus. We will eventually find a vaccine, but will another come along? Probably. The problem our world fights that we seem not to be afraid of is Sin. Sin causes pandemics. Sin causes people to run scarred. Sin causes the death of the soul.

King David understood that Sin can cause a good man to fall. Sin can cause a Godly man to turn towards evil. And yet only one thing can fix Sin, God. David prays, “[God] Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.” Only God can cleanse you of your Sin. Only God can fix it so you don’t have to worry about physical death. Only God can make the difference.

Now that doesn’t mean we just throw “Common Sense” to the wind. We must be careful and we must practice good hygiene. Yet we must not allow fear to prevail in our lives.

So if you are not clean from Sin, call on Jesus who cleanses us from all Sin. If you are Praise Jesus for His death and resurrection that frees us from all Sin.


Dear Jesus, we cannot thank you enough for the cleansing that comes from your sacrifice on the cross. We cannot thank you enough for the victory over death that comes from your resurrection from the grave. We cannot thank you enough that it is not a virus that we should be afraid of but the Sin that destroys lives and steals victory. Help us to put total faith in your and fear nothing that this earth will throw at us. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

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