• David Simmons

Daily Devotion 5.29.20

May 29, 2020

“How Big is your Hill?”

“So the soldiers took charge of Jesus. Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha). John 19:16b-17

It was my first Easter in South Carolina. I had been at the new church for less than a month. I was excited to share Easter with the new congregation. My chairman of deacons told me several week ahead that he and I would put the cross on the hill where we would have our worship service. I told him I would be glad to help. That week I began looking for the hill. I looked next to the parsonage. I looked behind a small forest of trees. I looked behind the parsonage. I even looked behind the church. I found no hills. Finally on the Wednesday before Easter I pinned the man down and told him to point out the hill that we were placing the cross. He pointed across the street from the church next to the parsonage.

“Right there,” he said, “next to your drive way.”

I couldn’t help myself, I said, “That’s not a hill. That’s a ditch back. If you want to see what a hill is come with me to Kentucky sometime.” We both laughed. We put up the cross and had a great Easter service.

When I think about a hill at Easter I think of Jesus carrying His cross up the hill to Golgotha. Imagine if you can the strain on the body that had already been beaten and ravaged. Yet that did not stop Him from climbing to this hill of death. This climb showed His total obedience to His Father and His desire to bring salvation to the whole world. This might not have been a large hill or mountain, but for you and me it becomes larger than life itself.

It is a hill where blood flowed and forgiveness reigned. It is a hill where we learn a great deal about the relationship between Father and son, son and mother, and life and death. It is a hill that gives out forgiveness even when it is not deserved. It is a hill that shows power over and gives life to the one who calls out for salvation even in his last breath. It is a hill that should always stay very important in our lives. My prayer is that you will discover the hill where Jesus died for you and celebrate life everlasting. Remember it is not the size of the hill that matters. It is the size of your God that matters.

Dear Jesus, thank you for making the trip up the hill to die for my sins. Thank you that you taught us how to live and how to die. Thank you that because of your death I can live forever. Help me to never take for granted the size of your sacrifice for my freedom. In Your Sacrificial name I pray, Amen.


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