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Daily Devotion 5.31.20

May 31, 2020

“Do You Need a Nap?”

“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him.”

Psalm 62:1

Do you take naps? I guess if you are retired and stay around the house you might nap now and then. Maybe you are laughing at my sentence and saying that you don’t have time to nap even though you are retired. I never get a nap during the week. Every now and then I will take a short nap on Sunday afternoons. Naps can make you feel good or can really mess things up.

Ever took a nap and then couldn’t sleep at night. Maybe your nap went longer than you expected and now when it is time to go to sleep you don’t feel like sleeping. Often we are so busy going and doing that we don’t get all the rest we need to get.

Statistics are telling us that as a nation we are sleep depraved. We are not getting the sleep we need to rejuvenate our body and be prepared for another day. Everyone is different. Some people need a good 8 hours of rest, while others can get by on much less. No matter how much you need we all have to have rest so that we can function. If we go too long without rest we become unproductive and what we need to get done doesn’t get done.

How are we are resting in God? How often in your busy go here and go there schedule do you find time to spend time with the one who gives you the ability to go and do? Do we find the rest for our soul that we need to find in God?

I enjoy sitting down with people and just talking and spending time. If it is an old friend, we can spend hours and it feels so good to just be with them and share. Ever tried that with God? Ever tried to just rest in Him? Pray, read the Bible, listen to Christian based music, pray, read the Bible. I hope you get the picture. We need time to rest our soul. We need God to energize our soul so we can go into the world and not be of the world.

I want to challenge you to “Rest” in God. Take a little while and turn everything else off and just spend time with God. Listen to what He might be telling you. Find refreshing for your soul in Him. Why not take a nap in God’s arms and feel the jolt of energy you have when you finish.


Dear Jesus, help us to spend more time with you. Help us to sit down with you like we would an old friend. Help us to hear your voice as you speak through your word and our thoughts. Help us to experience an energizing of your Spirit in our lives. We ask this in your Holy name, Amen.

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